7 requirements you must meet to obtain EU Next Generation funding order HFP/1030/2021 of the EU

In order to obtain European Next Generation funds before 29 December 2021, among other requirements, it is mandatory to have an anti-corruption plan. This plan must set out measures for the detection and control of fraud, corruption and conflicts of interest.

Do you know what the HFP/1030/2021 order is and the impact it has on your company?

Order HFP/1030/2021 or the EU’s Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan known as PRTR is aimed at mitigating the damage caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and seeks to decarbonize while respecting the environment by promoting digitalization in all areas of research and training.

For this reason, it is mandatory to have an anti-corruption plan for the detection, control, and fight against fraud, as well as conflict resolution, among other requirements, in order to obtain the Next Generation European Funds.

If it is mandatory, how can I implement it?

We at víadenuncia can help you to implement the EU directives derived from Directive 2019/1937 through the implementation of an ethical mailbox so that you comply with the current regulations and can access the Next Generation Funds.

What are the 7 requirements to access the European Next Generation Funds?

Here are the points you should consider:

  1. By means of a Declaration of Intent which is a document on the policies of compliance with anti-corruption regulations positioning itself in a commitment that gives credibility to private or public sector companies before the entities that decide and execute what is subscribed in the regulations. Our mailbox also includes compliance with the anti-fraud measures of preparation, review, and approval of the code of ethics and conduct.
  2. You need an Organizational Solution creating an organizational monitoring and control system in accordance with the EU plan for accessing funds and which ensures compliance, the detection of points of improvement or Red Flags and training, helping you in continuous improvement.
  3. To implement this continuous improvement according to the Order HFP1030/2021 it is necessary to have a Training and Awareness as a plan that has the highest-level scope, exhaustive and mandatory in relation to those people who carry out the management of funds with periodic training and in blocks.
  4. For the implementation of the PRTR (Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plans), a DACI (No Conflict-of-Interest Document) should be implemented in which all those who actively participate in the implementation of the plan can have a fluid communication with their hierarchical superiors about any incident detected, avoiding the direct or potential existence of a conflict of interest and helping decision-making to be transparent and effective.
  5. The key processes in the organization need a Risk Assessment where the probability of fraud risk is measured, as well as the risk map to avoid bribery, embezzlement, and influence peddling with the final conclusion of defining preventive measures to reduce the residual risk of fraud to zero according to the parameters and protocols of the compliance experts. These metrics should possibly be measured on an annual basis, with continuous improvement and improvement proposals derived from audits.
  6. If warning signs or Red Flags are found in case of a NON-COMPLIANCE, a warning should be displayed to help define measures to minimize risks and implement appropriate corrections.
  7. The European Directive 2019/1937 obliges to establish the implementation of the rules of procedure in addition to a Complaints Box in the computer systems that we as víadenuncia put into operation. This seeks to protect the rights of whistleblowers as well as of the reported persons by complying with the requirements of security and data protection to ensure the correct processing and the derived actions with the EU public authorities, the public prosecutor’s office, or the courts for the protection of the data of those involved.

As you can see, the modernization of public administration leads to better control and management of your company, guaranteeing at all times compliance with the mandatory regulations of the European Union.

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