Your channel in 3 steps

Once you have made the decision to set up a channel  and have contacted us to assess your company’s needs, we take the following steps:




Viadenuncia offers you a personalized channel with:

✔ Company Logo
✔ Dedicated mailbox
✔ Unique phone number
✔ Anonymous Viadenuncia Box








The mailbox allows you to send notifications through the authorized ways.

All notifications are reviewed by the ethical mentor assigned to your mailbox (maximum 7 days).

The person who has made the communication will be able to follow up the entire process





Minor irregularities: the Company is informed so that it can resolve them through its internal procedures and mechanisms – Maximum 7 days.

Serious infringements: an investigation process is initiated and a legal report is drawn up with: relevant guidelines in accordance with Directive 2019/1937-Maximum 90 days.

Viadenuncia offers a whistleblowing service that meets the requirements established by Law 2/2023, ensuring an efficient and secure management of received reports.

In addition, having a whistleblowing channel with Viadenuncia has many advantages. Firstly, it provides a secure and anonymous communication channel for employees and citizens to report any irregularities or breaches of the law without fear of reprisals.

Secondly, the platform allows for a quick and efficient management of reports received, guaranteeing an immediate response and effective resolution of the reported issues.

Thirdly, having a whistleblowing channel with Viadenuncia demonstrates the commitment of companies and municipalities to transparency and legality, improving the reputation of the company or entity and generating trust among employees and society.

In summary, having a whistleblowing channel with is a legal obligation and an intelligent and responsible decision to guarantee compliance with the labor and social rights of workers and society in general.

We hope you consider this option and contact us to learn more about our services.


Publica Administrations

Companies with 50+ employees

SMEs and micro-SMEs

Experts in Regulatory Compliance and Specialised Trainingadace

We are the only ones to provide an AI configured by our professionals for the internal information channel.

Training courses on Law 2/2022 and its information systems it establishes