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VIADENUNCIA’s 2019/1937 Directive complaints mailbox, awarded again

Condor“, the complaints channel designed by VIADENUNCIA, S.L., and which is used by several Spanish and European public institutions, as well as by ASPERTIC, as an external complaints channel of Directive 2019/1937, has been awarded, among 43 selected projects, at the E-TECH-2022 awards.

The best projects and contributions of the year 2022 in the field of new Spanish technologies and especially those that have been launched in Girona are thus rewarded.

The first complaints box developed for the Whistleblowers Directive, which is mandatory for all companies with more than fifty employees and in all public administrations, was chosen as a finalist in the “best initiative in the field of local administration“. It also won first prize in the “best ICT language and communication management” category, as it allows complaints, whether anonymous or not, to be written in any EU or Spanish language. The procedure, established as a single European procedure, can be carried out independently of languages and borders, as well as its follow-up.

Laura Mora, CEO of Viadenuncia and Capa8, S.L. was in charge of collecting the awards on 14 November at the Josep Irla auditorium in Girona.

ASPERTIC-VIADENUNCIA were also awarded, together with their promoters, Josep Jover and Fruitós Richarte, with the DIARIO16-2021 awards. In this case, the media rewarded the creation of tools to fight corruption and the personal commitment of both jurists that led to the implementation of the EU law infringement alerts Directive.

ASPERTIC has already been judicially recognised as a EUROPEAN COMPETENT AUTHORITY in matters of Directive 2019/1937 in February 2022.

We would like to thank our friends, clients and supporters for their confidence in us.


Best Business Initiative Award 2020 for Borme Online


Miembros del Jurado:
Don José Vicente Lucas: Consejero Delegado del grupo “”, en su calidad de Presidente.
Don Rubén Vico Abad: miembro de Borme On Line, en su calidad de Vocal
Doña Maria Salomé Martin Camacho: miembro de megainformes en su calidad de Vocal

Lugar y fecha: Alicante, el 17 de diciembre de 2020 a las 18,00 h.

De acuerdo con los criterios de puntuación contenidos en las Bases de los Premios, el Jurado, tras analizar y valorar la trayectoria profesional y los proyectos presentados, decide otorgar el Premio BORME-ONLINE a la mejor iniciativa empresarial 2020 al proyecto “VIADENUNCIA” de adaptación a la normativa de la Directiva 2019/1937 DIRECTIVA (UE) 2019/1937 DEL PARLAMENTO EUROPEO Y DEL CONSEJO de 23 de octubre de 2019 relativa a la protección de las personas que informen sobre infracciones del Derecho de la Unión.

Razones que justifican la concesión:
La evaluación del impacto del proyecto presentado y la trayectoria el favor de los denunciantes de corrupción de los autores que ha sido esencial para la aprobación de la Directiva.

Y para que así conste, lo firman en Madrid, a 17 de diciembre de 2020

El Presidente                                                                                                      El Secretario



Proposals for ongoing awards and commendations

Viadenuncia has been nominated by the “diario16 group” for the DIARIO16 2021 award for its contribution to the ethical values of European society.

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We are the only ones to provide an AI configured by our professionals for the internal information channel.

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