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Nuestro blog ofrece las últimas noticias sobre la implementación de la Directiva 2019/1937 en España, sus canales y protección de denunciantes.

FTAP-CGT registers the first Spanish trade union complaints box in Europe

Article viadenuncia The CGT Federation of Public Workers has decided to rely on Viadenuncia and thus implement the first external complaints mailbox of the 2019/1937 Directive of a trade union in Spain. FTAP-CGT has implemented its complaints channel for Directive 2019/1937 with the help of Aspertic-Viadenuncia. Awaiting the transposition of the

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E-Tech 2022 rewards Viadenuncia

Article viadenuncia On Monday 14th November, Viadenuncia was awarded the prize for the best language and communication management in ICT at the fourth edition of the e-Tech Awards. Viadenuncia has been pleasantly surprised in this edition of the e-Tech 2022 awards, as it has not only been among the finalists in the category

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Antifraud measures plans

Article viadenuncia Antifraud scheme is a measure established by the UE to protect its economics interests and  it is mandatory in order to obtain Next Generation Funds. ANTI-FRAUD SCHEMES. MAIN CONTENTS Definition An Anti-Fraud Scheme is a system that provides for appropriate measures to protect the EU’s financial interests, including

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autoridad competente

The Provincial Court of Barcelona decrees that ASPERTIC-VIADENUNCIA is a competent authority for the purposes of the Whistleblower Directive.

Article viadenuncia Whistleblowers will find in Aspertic-Viadenuncia a “competent authority” of the Whistleblower Directive. This has been recognised by the Provincial Court of Barcelona. Barcelona Provincial Court rules that ASPERTIC-VIADENUNCIA is a competent authority under the Whistleblower Directive Corruption whistleblowers ask for protection measures recognised in the Whistleblower Directive For

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Ministry of Justice will send the transposition of the “Whistleblower” directive to the Council of Ministers for approval to protect 36% of whistleblowers

Article viadenuncia This Directive is known in Europe as the “Whistleblower Directive” because in the business world this representation of the whistle blowing action is the way to symbolise that an employee alerts or denounces a breach or wrongdoing committed by a company The whistleblower directive in the general codification

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