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Nuestro blog ofrece las últimas noticias sobre la implementación de la Directiva 2019/1937 en España, sus canales y protección de denunciantes.

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The new produce for managing informations and communications: Law 2/2023

Article viadenuncia The recently enacted Law 2/2023, which regulates the protection of individuals reporting legal violations and combating corruption, has introduced the obligation to implement a data management process through the administrative or governing body of all entities required to have an internal Information System. The new Law 2/2023, regulating

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La Comisión Europea lleva a España ante el TJUE

Article viadenuncia The European Commission has decided to refer eight Member States, including Spain, to the Court of Justice of the EU for failure to transpose Directive 2019/1937 on the protection of whistleblowers against corruption. Germany, Poland, Luxembourg, Estonia, Hungary, Italy, the Czech Republic and Spain have consistently delayed transposition,

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COPYME and Viadenuncia, interview with Salvador Bellido

Article viadenuncia Salvador Bellido, president of CIA and COPYME, provides clarification on Directive 2019/1937 on whistleblower protection and how it affects companies. The interview published in Diario16 with Salvador Bellido, president of CIAE and COPYME, two state employers’ associations based in Madrid, clears up some doubts about the Buzones de

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Aprobada la trasposición de la Directiva 2019/1937

Article viadenuncia After a long wait, fines and sanctions by the EU, Spain finally transposes Directive 2019/1937. The recent transposition into Spanish law is a fact that concerns us directly, with Viadenuncia being a channel for complaints under Directive 2019/1937. Spain has been fined on several occasions for its tardiness

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Evento: Presentación de los Buzones de Denuncia de la Directiva 2019/1937

Article viadenuncia Este jueves 16 de febrero se llevará a cabo en Madrid, en la sala de actos de CIAE/COPYME/Aspertic, una Presentación de los Buzones de Denuncia de la Directiva 2019/1937. En respresentación de Viadenuncia estará Josep Jover como ponente. De especial interés para empresas de más de cincuenta trabajadores, y todas aquellas personas y/o entidades que trabajen

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