Mandatory for

The Directive specifies that the following entities
will be required to have an externally
managed and independent complaints box

Public administrations

The set of bodies established to carry out the task of administering and managing institutional bodies and State entities

Companies with more than 50 employees

All enterprises with more than 50 employees regardless of their activity

Companies with less than 50 employees

All types of legal entities with less than 50 employees working with the public administration

La Directiva 2019/1937

"Learn more about the grounds for complaint under Directive 2019/1937"

      • Any public contract, irrespective of the institution involved and the amount involved
      • Financial services, products and markets (loans, mortgages, commissions, risks, usury)
      • Prevention of money laundering, legal compliance
      • Funding of terrorism
      • Product safety of goods that can be purchased within the territory of the Union
      • Conformity of products, goods and services subject to European legislation, even if it does not affect their safety
      • Transport safety (road, rail, air, inland waterway and maritime transport, transport control and surveillance, customs)
      • Protection of the environment (town planning, hunting)
      • Radiation protection (clinics, hospitals, telecommunication antennae, wifi)
      • Nuclear safety (power plants and waste storage and transport)
      • Food safety (labelling, shelf-life, additives)
      • Control of animal feed and additives
      • Animal health (veterinary, pests, pets)
      • Animal welfare (bullfighting, abandonment, aggression against animals)
      • Public health (risks, hospitals, pharmacy, medication, health policy)
      • Consumer protection of products and services, including services provided by the State (administration of justice)
      • Protection of privacy and personal data, cross-border data transmissions
      • Security of telematic networks and other critical infrastructure (water, gas, electricity and communications)
      • IT systems (procedures, access, security loopholes and resilience)
      • Any infringements affecting the financial interests of the Union as referred to in Article 325 of the TFEU (from 10,000 €.)
      • All infringements relating to the internal market as referred to in Article 26(2) TFEU (captive markets, dumping)
      • All infringements of Union competition rules
      • Any activity that has received aid granted by States, even if it was not direct Union money
      • All breaches as well as infringements relating to the internal market in connection with acts in breach of corporation tax rules
      • Any practice aimed at obtaining a tax advantage that defeats the object or purpose of the applicable corporate tax legislation

"The channel is a means of preventing and resolving disputes and avoiding litigation"

We have been one of the promoters of the 2019/1937/ Directive

It all started in mid-2016 with a question from Barcelona to the European Commission: How much does corruption cost us?

Direct line with Europe and with parliamentary groups to ensure its implementation

Collaboration with the European institutions at all levels has not come to an end. We maintain regular contacts with international organizations, agencies and authorities of the Union, the Europarliament, the Commission and the Court of Justice in Luxembourg.

We trained the first investigators on the Directive and whistleblowing channels

Based on knowledge and experience, we train the staff who manage the whistleblowing channels. A complete multimedia didactic material with multidisciplinary tutoring has been produced

Service features

5 means of communication

Our complaints channel includes the 5 independent and secure communication options set out in the directive:
-Web form
-Telephone call (single telephone number per channel)
-E-mail (
-Submission by post
-Face-to-face communication


Our channel is available in several languages

Anonymous and trustworthy

Thanks to the absolute control of our communications and infrastructure, we ensure anonymous, secure and reliable reporting

Quality and resilience

We guarantee high quality standards thanks to the many years of experience of each of our partners.

Complaints management

We have a team of lawyers specialised in money laundering, data protection and EU law. At viadenuncia we manage, classify and follow up on complaints with our own procedure that meets the response times required by the Directive.

Data protection

Security and confidentiality at the highest legal and technical level


We offer a secure communication space. Our solution incorporates mechanisms to guarantee the rights of both the whistleblower and the reported person.

Guarantee and simplicity

Our value is to offer an agile, simple and transparent solution to facilitate communication between the consumer, citizen and/or worker and the organization.

Who are we?

Viadenuncia is possible thanks to the joint work of the
different Companies and Associations that shape us.
Capa8 provides its own telecommunications, systems and software development infrastructure
Lawyers and former magistrates in Criminal Compliance
Multidisciplinary Association of ICT experts
Experts in European Union law and data protection

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