COPYME and Viadenuncia, interview with Salvador Bellido

Salvador Bellido, president of CIA and COPYME, provides clarification on Directive 2019/1937 on whistleblower protection and how it affects companies.

The interview published in Diario16 with Salvador Bellido, president of CIAE and COPYME, two state employers’ associations based in Madrid, clears up some doubts about the Buzones de la Directiva 2019/1937 and its relationship with companies.

The obligation for companies and associations with more than 50 workers to set up a complaints box. This obligation arises from the entry into force of the directive in December 2019, although the transposition has arrived now at the beginning of 2023, its compliance has been mandatory from the beginning, although for those not interested in its compliance this fact has not been important.

Moreover, although there is a transposition into Spanish law, as the Directive has its own unique procedure for all EU countries, this makes it easier for whistleblowers, for certain issues, such as public procurement, to make their complaints to other courts outside Spain, such as the German court, for example. Thus, for the defence of the interests of the Union, there are no borders, and there are no legal privileges.

COPYME has placed its trust in Viadenuncia by entrusting us with the independent, external and autonomous management of its complaints channel.

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