The Viadenuncia complaints platform begins to operate in the Municipality of Torre-Serona

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Torre-serona pondrá en marcha el lunes una plataforma para tramitar denuncias contra el ayuntamiento. Se convierte así en el primer municipio de España que se adapta a una directiva europea que será de obligado cumplimiento para todas las entidades públicas en enero del año que viene.

The Viadenuncia complaints platform begins to operate in the Municipality of Torre-Serona.

Mayor Augustí Jiménez signs the agreement with representatives of Viadenuncia to adhere to the EU Directive 2019/1937.

Since the municipalities of the country are obliged to have in operation the anonymous complaint mailboxes, the mayor Augustí Jiménez has signed with the representatives of víadenuncia the agreement by which from Monday, July 26, 2021, the platform to process complaints against the city council is put into full operation. Thus, the municipality of Torre-Serona becomes the first in Spain to adopt the measures stipulated in Directive 2019/1937 of the European Union, as it is mandatory for all administrations, as well as for private sector companies since January 2022.

The mayor is satisfied with the work of víadenuncia, an independent consortium made up of lawyers, IT specialists and magistrates who are responsible as service providers for opening files as appropriate, requesting information, assigning the number of cases, managing the responses to verify and contrast the accusations made through these media.

Anonymous reporting is a priority.

Mayor Augustí Jiménez emphasized that these complaints can be submitted through the council’s web page, as well as anonymously by telephone through víadenuncia.

In such a case, after the corresponding procedures and once the information has been verified and contrasted, the corresponding legal proceedings will be initiated. That is why Mayor Jimenez signed the agreement between the council and víadenuncia on Tuesday for the commissioning of the mailbox of anonymous complaints.

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