E-Tech 2022 rewards Viadenuncia

On Monday 14th November, Viadenuncia was awarded the prize for the best language and communication management in ICT at the fourth edition of the e-Tech Awards.

Viadenuncia has been pleasantly surprised in this edition of the e-Tech 2022 awards, as it has not only been among the finalists in the category of “best initiative in local administration”, which distinguishes those projects or initiatives that have applied new technologies in an innovative way for the service of citizens, but it has also won the award for the best management in language and communication in ICT.

This award recognises the work of Viadenuncia in the projection of Catalan as a language, as well as multilingualism and communication, as “Condor”, the programme behind Viadenuncia, allows complaints to be made in all EU languages and guarantees the processes and anonymity of the complainant.

Our CEO, Laura Mora, collected the award and gave thanks on behalf of the whole team for this recognition.

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