The anti-corruption measures required to receive EU funds by December 2021 contained in RDL 36/2020

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Public institutions and companies will not receive European funds if they do not implement anti-corruption measures by December 2021

Companies and the public sector that do not put in place the anti-corruption measures adopted by the EU will not receive money from the fund.

The recovery, transformation, and resilience plans (PRTR) have been published on 30 September 2021 in its ministerial order has turned the administration in Spain upside down. 

The articles of this order are significant including the annexes, the glossary of terms and the relevant declarations to implement the PRTR in order to receive the Next Generation funds as well as all the money coming from the European Union. 

69 billion for multi-level governance for sustainable development.

In order to distribute EU funds and/or manage them by administrations in the framework of sustainable development, the necessary anti-corruption measures contained in the Royal Decree Law 36/2020 and also the provisions of the (EU) Regulation 2021/241 must be implemented within the Recovery and Resilience mechanisms.

At víadenuncia we comply with the ministerial order that prevents the fraud circuit, as well as the monitoring of cases, the detection, or identification that ends with the control and correction measures as the case may be and that our service provides within our platform.

The Anglo-Saxon method is currently being implemented, as they have developed a public integrity system which prevents cases from going to court, as well as the prevention that the whistleblowing system delivers in the fight against fraud, corruption, and conflict of interest.

The 3 pillars of RDL 30/2020 to receive EU transfers and loans.

Since the incorporation to the European community started in the 80s and the cohesion fund in the 90s, there has not been such an important movement of funds and, all this, is also limited due to the law on climate change and the measures adopted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

 These are important points contained in RDL 30/2020

  1. The adoption of instruments to support Member States’ efforts to recover, repair the damage and emerge stronger from the crisis.
  2. The adoption of measures to boost private investment and support companies in difficulty.
  3. Reinforcing key EU programmes to learn the lessons of the crisis, make the single market stronger and more resilient and accelerate the double green and digital transition.

    Our partner ASPERTIC joins the initiative

Anonymous whistleblowing channels mandatory from 2019 in which Viadenuncia is a pioneer. 

As a result of the pandemic and the paralysis of the world for this reason, the initiatives regarding anonymous reporting have lost 2 years in their execution and implementation, during which time Viadenuncia has been working on their implementation in different administrations. 

By the end of 2021, all public administrations as well as small companies should have these independently managed complaint mailboxes, as well as anti-corruption plans allowing complaints to be handled anonymously. 

Citizen actions on public ethics are known to be successful. In the case of the directive for the protection of corruption whistleblowers and the others that have arisen from it (including those on climate change), they have had their epicentre in Catalonia and are led by our partner lawyer specialising in the European Union, Josep Jover, who coordinates the actions within the initiatives from ASPERTIC.

For now, if you want to access part of the 69,000 million Next Generation funds of the European Union, it is necessary to comply with the anti-corruption measures and complaint boxes that we manage in Viadenuncia and that are in accordance with European regulations, the laws of the Whistleblower Directive, and complaints about the violation of gender equality rights.

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