Ethical communication channel for Companies

Learn what one of the main tools for the prevention and detection of business fraud consists of and what must comply with

How much does corruption cost us?

In mid-2016, the Barcelona Aspertic association asked the European Commission a question: How much does corruption cost us? If it is as much as you say (more than 800,000,000 Euros every year), why don’t you protect those who complain about corruption? We will surely win.

From that moment the machinery started up.

Viadenuncia was born from the initial group that faced corruption from Europe and the punishments received by those who denounced it.

The surprise was that, as time went by, the European Union expanded the object of the future Directive, until it was Directive 2019/1937 RELATING TO THE PROTECTION OF PEOPLE WHO REPORT ON INFRINGEMENTS OF UNION LAW.

What is a communication channel?

Directive 2019/1937 (known as the Whistleblowers Directive) establishes that a communication channel must be a channel where clients, suppliers, workers and / or citizens can communicate irregularities and / or proposals for improvement for the operation of the Company or public Administration . This channel must allow anonymous communication and the reporting by the complainant of the status of his communication.

Communications must be possible in five ways, through a web form, by telephone, by email, by postal mail and in person. In addition, all communications must be attended to in a timely manner by an external auditor to the Company or public Administration.

Viadenuncia, offers with its own development mailbox the five communication channels, allowing a total security of the communications, in addition to an own technical-legal team of instructors formed by lawyers and ex-magistrates that guarantee a total impartiality and agility in each one of the communications. Our team is one of the promoters of the Directive and as such we have followed the evolution in all phases of its development.

For whom and for when?

As of today, Directive 2019/1937 is already in force, that is, customers, suppliers, workers, etc. they may require the existence of these communication channels to companies and public administrations.

As of December 17, 2021, all public administrations, companies with more than 50 workers and companies with less than 50 workers that work with public administrations and / or are subject to any of the topics covered by the Directive, will have the obligation to have one of these communication channels and that it meets all the necessary requirements of five communication channels and external communication management.

Contact with us

Through the following form you can get in direct contact with the Viadenuncia team and check if your Company is required to have a communication channel

Important note: The purpose of this form is to request information and hiring, not making complaints. To file a complaint, it is necessary to go to the website of the Company that you want to report/propose an improvement and make it from there. In the event that you do not yet have a complaints box, please refer to the person in charge this link to know the obligation to have this service as of 12/17/2021.

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