We are one of the promoters of the Directive


We have been one of the promoters of the Directive

How much does corruption cost us?

In mid-2016 the Aspertic association of Barcelona asked the European Commission a question: How much does corruption cost us? If it is as much as you say it is (more than 800,000,000 Euros every year), why don’t you protect whistleblowers? Surely we will gain from it.

And from that moment on, the engine was set in motion.

Viadenuncia was born from the initial group that confronted corruption and the punishments received by whistleblowers in Europe.

The surprise was that, as time went by, the European Union broadened the object of the future Directive, until it became a Directive ON THE PROTECTION OF PERSONS WHO REPORT INFRINGEMENTS OF UNION LAW.

And this is much broader than just corruption. You only have to look at the topics in the drop-down menu. It concerns not only all criminal, civil or administrative offences that can be committed; the rule even covers situations of risk and suspicion.

And this is only the lowest common denominator. States, autonomous regions and also companies can include topics that are of interest to them or which they are legally obliged to control strictly, and guarantee the security of complaints or conflicts. It is common to expand on issues such as mobbing, bullying, harassment, malpractice, equal pay for women and men, security or cybersecurity.


Direct line with Europe and with parliamentary groups to ensure implementation

Collaboration with the European institutions at all levels has not come to an end. We remain in contact

Collaboration with the European institutions has not come to an end. We are in regular contact in order to clarify obscure points, which like all human endeavours have.

On 4 January 2020, we notified the European Commission that we were becoming an external whistleblower channel for the purposes of Directive 2019/1937. DIRECTIVE (EU) 2019/1937 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 23 October 2019 on the protection of persons reporting breaches of Union law. Despite the fact that the States have two years from the publication of the Directives to transpose it, i.e., in order to clear up any legislation that opposes it, the Directive is in force from the day following its publication, and is applicable in any legal proceedings.

At the same time, we have had to integrate into our procedures a sister Directive, the DIRECTIVE (EU) 2019/1024 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 20 June 2019 on open data and the re-use of public sector information, which sets out new requirements for transparency and citizen access to “all” documentation generated or managed by public administrations and companies working on behalf of or with public money.

The contact is also permanent with the different parliamentary groups, at all three levels: the Europarliament, the Congress of Deputies and the regional parliaments.


We trained the first officers of the Directive and the whistleblowing channels

We train the staff who manage the complaints channels

We have taken advantage of these months, waiting for transposition, to develop training material, both for the general public and for the companies and institutions that are obliged to install the complaint boxes.

The investigators have to meet three essential requirements.Technical knowledge, legal knowledge and relational skills, as well as recognised integrity and a civil liability policy.

For the first part, for general knowledge, we have:

Youtube Channel «Sintoniza Europa»,
As well as conferences and articles published by all the members of Viadenuncia.

We also train the investigators in the correct use of the programme for the management of Whistleblowig channels

For investigators, once they have completed their training, which is set at a minimum of 150 hours in addition to the previous training they have accredited, we have a package of supporting opinions which you can find at:

and three work tools:

Reporting channels (programme called «condor»)

El programa d’auditoria i investigació anomenat «colibrí»

the content certification programme or «certifier»