Your channel in 3 steps

Once you have made the decision to set up a mailbox  and have contacted us to assess your company’s needs, we take the following steps:




Viadenuncia offers you a personalized channel with:

✔ Company Logo
✔ Dedicated mailbox
✔ Unique phone number
✔ Anonymous Viadenuncia Box








The mailbox allows you to send notifications through the authorized ways.

All notifications are reviewed by the ethical mentor assigned to your mailbox (maximum 7 days).

The person who has made the communication will be able to follow up the entire process





Minor irregularities: the Company is informed so that it can resolve them through its internal procedures and mechanisms – Maximum 7 days.

Serious infringements: an investigation process is initiated and a legal report is drawn up with: relevant guidelines in accordance with Directive 2019/1937-Maximum 90 days.

Directive 2019/1937 marks a path to follow in terms of the relationship that the European Union wants to have with the Member States and the companies that operate in them: transparency and trust.

It is the right decision to count on Viadenuncia to follow this path.

We provide everything necessary for the implementation of the ethical mailbox and thus be eligible for grants and subsidies, such as the Next Generation Funds, which the European Union makes available to companies. 

There are three types of mailboxes depending on the company:

Publica Administrations

Companies with 50+ employees

SMEs and micro-SMEs