Your mailbox in 3 steps


1st phase: The box

Viadenuncia offers you a personalized box. It contemplates:
– Company Logo
– Dedicated mailbox
– Unique phone number
– Anonymous Viadenuncia Box

2nd phase: The behaviour

The mailbox allows you to send notifications in the following ways:
– Web form
– Email
– Telephone
– Postal mail to Viadenuncia
– Presential atention to our offices
All notifications are reviewed by the ethical mentor assigned to your mailbox (maximum 7 days).

The person who has made the communication will be able to follow up the entire process

3rd phase: The resolution

If the events reported are minor irregularities, the Company is informed so that it can solve them based on its internal procedures and mechanisms.
Maximum 7 days

If the reported events consist of serious offenses (type of diversion of public funds, harassment, etc.), an investigation process is initiated and a legal report is prepared with the relevant instructions in accordance with Directive 2019/1937
Maximum 90 days




Public administrations


Channels for all Public Administrations

VIADENUNCIA is a tool that allows the most common conflicts in a public administration to be brought to light and lays the foundations for good management and good governance, based on transparency.

Directive 2019/1937 requires public administrations to have a communication channel where workers, suppliers and citizens can report breaches and problems as varied as those related to public procurement, environmental protection, animal welfare, public health, cybersecurity and security of telematic networks and other critical infrastructures such as water, gas, electricity, etc., services and products offered by the same (consumer protection), among others.

The use of a whistleblowing channel is the only way to guarantee anonymity and confidentiality of communications related to irregularities by the administration.


Companies with 50+ employees


Channels for all companies, regardless of their activity

All companies with more than 50 employees are legally obliged to make available to everyone a channel for reporting irregularities independently managed by third parties.

The channel must allow employees, customers and suppliers to report, privately and anonymously, any internal irregularities that occur in the company’s operations, if they wish to do so. In addition to the items of the Directive, the mailbox can be extended to such varied circumstances as labour issues (mobbing, bullying, harassment, bad practices, equal pay for women and men, etc.), prevention of corruption and money laundering, the safety of products, services and their consumers (transport, health, radiation, environment, etc.), protection and privacy of personal data (access, security and cybersecurity), etc.

VIADENUNCIA’s communication channel complies at the highest level with the requirements established by Directive 2019/1937.Thanks to the complete management of the infrastructure with our own servers, proprietary technology and also a team of expert lawyers in data protection and EU law, experts specialised in the various subjects, all with the guarantee of absolute confidentiality, discretion and security of the complaints procedure.

By investing in your good name and corporate image, you will also avoid unnecessary litigation.




Channels for companies with less than 50 employees

All companies or professionals with less than 50 employees that operate with the public administration or are subject to any of the areas of application of Directive 2019/1937 (money laundering, public health, food safety, animal health and welfare, etc.), must also have a space where consumers, suppliers, collaborators and employees can channel any disagreements.

A complaints channel is an essential tool for detecting the organization’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as a means of preventing and resolving conflicts, which avoids litigation.

The VIADENENCUNCIA model provides the structure with a continuous audit of risks, strengths and weaknesses, and is easily adapted to the needs of each client. Having a whistleblowing channel is a sign of empowerment and maturity for employees, shareholders, partners and the general public, and also denotes the management’s real commitment to transparency and regulatory compliance, in pursuit of excellence.